W&D's Caribbean Punches - Punches
W&D's Caribbean Punches - Treat your taste buds to a taste of paradise
Spice up your party with our Exotic Punches, choose from alcoholic or non-alcoholic varieties.  Perfect for any occassion - make yours one to remember.
Our most popular punches are shown below. Please call, text or email us to place your orders or use our contact page. 
Our non-alcoholic versions are beautiful on their own or if you want to be adventurous try mixing with your own choice of rum, vodka, gin, etc. 
Delivery is between £7.00 - £10.00. 
Discounts will be offered for Bulk Orders over £60.00 
Alternatively for orders in Essex and Kent you can pre-order and collect from us at a show near you or we can deliver it for a small fee of £5.00.
Rum Punch £14.00
Rum Punch £14.00
A refreshing sweet burst of tropical fruit with a generous punch of the finest Caribbean Rum.

27.1 % vol. alc

Fruit Punch   £6.00
Fruit Punch £6.00
A refreshing sweet burst of tropical pineapple, mango, orange and papya.

This non-alcoholic drink can be enjoyed on it's own, or as a tall drink by adding lemonade.

Pineapple Punch  £6.00
Pineapple Punch £6.00
A beautifully smooth creamy drink made with sweet pineapple, milk and spices.

Pina Colada  £12.00
Pina Colada £12.00
A beautifully smooth creamy drink made with sweet pineapple, milk and spice and the right amount of Caribbean Rum to make this a truly delightful experience.

15% vol. alc

Mango & Passion Fruit  £5.00
Mango & Passion Fruit £5.00
Is it exactly what it says, with added spice and lots of Caribbean sunshine.

Guinness Punch  £8.00
Guinness Punch £8.00
A mild and creamy drink with bitter and sweet flavours flowing together

2.55% vol. alc

Spiced Rum  £20.00
Spiced Rum £20.00
An enjoyable smooth rum with a unique blend of W&D's finest Caribbean Spices. Best Enjoyed on it's own over crushed ice or mixed with our Exotic Pineapple Punch to create a Perfect Pina Colada

45% vol. alc

Vodka Punch £9.00
Vodka Punch £9.00
As Fruit Punch with added Vodka

20% vol alc
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